This is Radha Kunde 

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It is with great joy that we welcome the New Year with this announcement,

“Apsara and Navala Kundas are clean!”

It took over two weeks for our crew to tackle the buildup of trash there.

Now we’ve transitioned to daily maintenance cleaning and moved on to another place badly in need of care.

We have started cleaning Dananivartan Kunda situated just about a kilometer south of the Danghati Temple in Govardhan Town.

From there, we are slowly working our way south down the side of Govardhan Hill. Our crew is very happy to do this work. In wonder, they expressed how perfect it is that they are earning a livelihood and performing a most important service to Govardhan at the same time!

We had a hope that the Forestry Department would give us some land to care for, but asking the Forestry Minister via mediaries didn’t seem to be going anywhere until… the minister himself showed up as we were cleaning the area near Dananivartan Kunda! Way to get his attention!

He was happy with our work and is going to try his best to get us a lease on that tract of forest! If anything, the meeting was certainly a green light for us to continue cleaning right near Govardhan!

For years, we’ve been working with Food for Life Vrindavan to support the construction and running of a girls’ school here in Govardhan.

Though that construction has been delayed due to issues with the land, we have decided to offer some classes at local schools in the meantime. Specifically, we are teaching classes in classical Indian dance, Bharatanatyam.

The girls are so eager to learn! Dancing and singing about Radha and Krishna comes naturally to them since love of Radha and Krishna is the foundation of their lives and culture here in Vraja.

As the new year dawns, our cleaning and prasadam distribution continue. We are deeply grateful for your blessings and support due to which this service is thriving and expanding.

Your servants, Campakalata Devi dasi, Padma Gopi Devi dasi, Sri Arjuna dasa, Urmila Devi Dasi, and Mayapurcandra dasa.